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  • Manufacturer: Mi-T-M
  • Model Number: MV-1300

Exhaust air ducting reduces the possibility of motor contamination by dirt or moisture. Electrical system is double-protected. 25-foot electrical cord. Electrical cord wrap. Recessed wheels and clamps. Filter efficiency 99.5% to 1.0-micron (optional HEPA filter 99.7% to 0.3-micron). Drain outlet. High impact poly construction canister with lifetime canister warranty. Industrial-grade polyolefin wheels with stainless-steel shafts.

  • SKU: 403975
  • Model Number: AE2240

40', Aluminum, Type IA, Extension Ladder, 300 LB Duty Rating, Quick Latch, Safety Rung Lock, Mar-Resistant End Caps, Swivel Safety Shoes, D-Shaped Rungs, Meets OSHA, CSA, & ANSI Standards, Rope & Pulley, Modified I-Beam Construction.

  • Manufacturer: Bosch Power Tools
  • Model Number: 11245EVS

14 Amp, 120V Combination Hammer

  • Manufacturer: Bosch Power Tools
  • Model Number: 11316EVS

14 Amp., 120V Demolition Hammer

  • Manufacturer: Mi-T-M
  • Model Number: MH-0150-LM10

For use in workshops, garages, construction sites and farms with proper ventilation.

  • Manufacturer: Bon Tool
  • Model Number: 15-260

A Drywall Panel Lift is used for easy one-man operation to lift drywall boards into place along wall or ceiling.

  • Manufacturer: DeWalt Tools
  • Model Number: DW872

14" Multi Cutter Metal Saw-15amp

  • Manufacturer: Abbott Rubber
  • Model Number: 1025-0750R-50-CRS

A quality hose for use with mobile air compressors to 150# working pressure.

  • Manufacturer: Graco
  • Model Number: 261904

The RentalPro 230 is a solid workhorse sprayer with performance points to cover both interior and exterior painting needs. Lightweight and portable, the RentalPro 230 is the ideal airless paint sprayer for the homeowner DIY'er and professional contractors.

  • Manufacturer: Clarke Floor Maintenance
  • Model Number: 01014A

Built for high torque applications like grinding on concrete floors or sanding wood floors

  • Model Number: 07076B

12x18 orbital sander without dust containment. Perfect for a light screen and recoat, parquet floors, landings, closets and decks. This sander can be hooked into a tank vacuum

  • Manufacturer: Clarke Floor Maintenance
  • Model Number: 07125A

7" edge sander. Complete with carrying case and paper changing tool. Aggressive, professional results

  • Manufacturer: Senco
  • SKU: 801904
  • Model Number: 580101N

SNS45XP 2" 16 Gauge Heavy Wire Stapler

  • Manufacturer: Senco
  • SKU: 801876
  • Model Number: 3D0101N

Roof Pro 455XP Coil Roofing Nailer

  • Manufacturer: Senco
  • SKU: 104707
  • Model Number: 4Z0001N

SN901XP Clipped Head Framing Nailer

  • Manufacturer: Subaru
  • Model Number: R1700i

Subaru 1700 watt Inverter Generator

  • Model Number: MB48

This bull float is made from lightweight magnesium, and is used to level and smooth the surface prior to finishing. Magnesium floats provide a smoother finish than wood floats

  • Manufacturer: Kushlan Products
  • Model Number: 350WSB-12530

The Kushlan Products 350 Mixer Fully Assembled is filled with features that makes this rugged mixer affordable yet ideal for the do-it-yourselfer or professional. Electric-driven, 21 RPM mixers can swivel 360° and can be discharged in any direction. Supported by a durable steel frame, the drums are adjustable to the correct angle for a variety of mixes. The 5/16" thick polyethylene drums are resistant to dents, cracks, and rust yet easy to clean. Easy breakdown for transport or storage, the 3.5 cu. ft. drum holds 2 bags of premix concrete

  • Model Number: 614277

Dry areas quickly with this compact, three-speed blower.
Quickly dry carpet, hard floors, fresh paint, concrete sealer and much more.
Ensure durability and many years of use with this blower's rotationally-molded body

  • Model Number: U Sand Pro

Using four-pad, random orbit technology, the U-Sand Pro sander makes floor sanding easy and worry-free

  • Manufacturer: Windsor
  • Model Number: 98400680

The Presto 3 Series is ideal for cleaning carpet spots, upholstery and fabric wall coverings.

PRESTO™ 3 - - 2 gallon capacity mini-carpet/spotter with standard hand too, 1.16 hp two-stage vac motor, 55 psi pump, 2 gallon solution and recovery tanks, clear 4" wide hand tool

  • Manufacturer: Warner Manufacturing
  • SKU: 548974
  • Model Number: 792

48" Floor Scraper, 4" Blade

  • Manufacturer: Warner Manufacturing
  • SKU: 547885
  • Model Number: 790

12" Floor Scraper, 4" Blade