Product Catalog

  • Manufacturer: Gold Medal Products Co.
  • Model Number: #2408

Red has never looked so good! Traditional popcorn colors meet textured finish on this classic 8-oz. popper. Features include removable stainless steel E-Z Kleen kettle, twin-arm suspension, heated corn deck and kernel tray.

  • Manufacturer: Big John Grills
  • Model Number: M-15B

The Grill that sets the standard in charcoal grilling throughout the United States. The best selling outdoor commercial grill for over 47 years. Reinforced carbon steel firebox is a proven design that is extremely strong and can last a lifetime. Our grill tops are the best in the industry! They feature a steel core for strength and nickel plating for durability.

  • Manufacturer: Space Walk
  • Model Number: CAS1515

The #1 favorite for your Prince or Princess! Makes kids feel like royalty!

  • Manufacturer: Space Walk
  • Model Number: Dino1515

What kid doesn't like a DINO? Have fun bouncing in Dino the Friendly Dinosaur!

  • Manufacturer: Gold Medal Products Co.
  • Model Number: 1888

The Sno-King Sno Machine is perfect for any fun event! It incorporates the Deluxe Sno-Konette safety feature - you must have one hand on the motor switch and the other pulls the pusher handle down to engage the spinning shaver head. This non-metallic construction will not “sweat” as much as any other shaver on the market. Easy to clean up and will last a lifetime. The Sno-King features an extra durable .25" thick cabinet. Supplies are sold separately

  • Manufacturer: Gold Medal Products Co.
  • Model Number: 3030SR

An easy to operate and transport cotton candy machine to rent for your next fun event! Stainless steel cabinet, Aluminum floss bowl and Whirlgrip stabilizer. 1200 Watts, 115 Volts. Weighs approximately 34 lbs

  • Model Number: 1114

This 2 Bowl Slush Machine Features a reversible lighted sign on top, easy disassembly for cleaning and transport, and stainless steel construction. These machines are very easy to use and great for all types of frozen drinks. Frusheez mixes are sold separately